Employee Owned

100% Employee Owned

Knowing who owns your health care facility makes a difference and in the case of Miller’s, you can meet our owners by walking through the front doors of any of our communities. We are 100% employee owned and proud to personally serve our clients each and every day.

Our employee ownership continues the proud traditions and culture of Miller’s, while allowing an avenue for future growth. At the present time, Miller’s Health Systems is one of only three 100% employee-owned long term care companies in the United States, and is ranked in the group of largest employee-owned companies in the nation.

What does being employee owned mean to our residents?

As owners of the company, we know that compassionate care and expert rehabilitation services are the most important services we can provide to those we serve. Our residents aren't just important to their caregivers – they are important to the owners of our company.

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What does being employee owned mean to our staff?

Miller’s Merry Manor was founded by a family that is still involved in our leadership today. Through the years, the Miller family has recognized the dedication and support its employees have given to help Miller’s Merry Manor grow and prosper. In 2006, they decided to make that recognition formal by creating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), allowing employees to become beneficial owners of the business operations of the company—a benefit that makes our careers even more rewarding.

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