General Instructions on LeadershipFebruary 27, 2014

General Rebecca Halstead and CEO Patrick Boyle
Pat and the General

Recently, a group of our company managers had an opportunity to meet with a retired Brigadier General of the United States Army. After 27 years of active duty, General Rebecca Halstead has taken what she learned during her service and speaks to schools, business leaders, and members of communities across America. She speaks specifically about what it takes to be an effective leader, and the attendees that are responsible for managing teams of employees, learned much. However, the biggest lesson that was taught is that regardless of a person’s official title or position—whether they’re a manager or not—the first person they must lead is themselves!

This concept fits seamlessly with being an employee owner. At Miller’s, we’ve been given an opportunity that won’t be given in any other healthcare facility around the area: to be an owner of our company. Many days, you may not “feel” like an owner, just like many days you may not “feel” like you’re a leader. But “feeling” doesn't change the reality: every employee who has worked 1000 hours in a year IS a beneficial owners, and every one of our employees IS a leader, at least of themselves, and indirectly of the people around them. As owner-leaders, we have responsibilities to think about our customers, our fellow owners and even our buildings and equipment a little differently, like they are all a reflection of us personally… because they are!


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