Adult Day Services

Adult Day Care Services

When your loved one needs day care while you work or run errands, we have a solution for you. Miller’s provides affordable, supervised day care on daily, weekly or monthly terms for seniors.

Miller’s adult day care services meet the growing need for affordable, intermittent care for the dependent adult as an alternative to 24-hour placement. This is often a particularly helpful choice for those with Alzheimer’s disease and provides a comfortable environment for your dependent loved ones during daytime hours.

Be as busy or quiet as you want to be

Our adult day care services include a wide variety of activities to stimulate the individual socially and mentally. Participants and families are encouraged to plan with the director and participate in activities. There is also plenty of time allocated for resting and quiet relaxation. Our program lets individuals decide how busy or quiet they want to be each day.

Why consider caregiver support services?

  • Scheduled activities and exercise that eliminate social isolation and stimulate mental awareness
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Administration of medications
  • Allows time for the caregiver to unwind and devote time to other tasks with confidence.
  • Allows a full-time caregiver to maintain a full-time job

Who might benefit from adult day care?

Typically, older persons who are unable to care for themselves and can no longer be left alone due to a variety of reasons. Some common situations include:

  • A mother living with her son and daughter needs daily supervision but the son and daughter work full time. She attends five days a week.
  • A mother living with her son’s very busy family needed some companionship her own age. She visits with us three days a week.
  • A wife needs some time to run errands. Her husband, who is sometimes confused, needs supervision. He comes once a week.
  • A daughter who works third shift needs to sleep during the day. Her mother has periods of confusion and is unsteady on her feet. She attends three afternoons a week.

Interested in learning more about Miller’s Caregiver Support Services?

A visit can often put many of your questions to rest. Stop by your Miller’s location to talk to the staff, meet residents and tour our care center.