Discharge to Home Program

Patient Safety and Comfort

We have developed a program to stay in touch with discharged patients for at least the first 30 days of their return to home. This program helps ensure that our discharged patients are successful in the home setting and it also helps to identify those residents that may need to be re- admitted to the facility. Doing so helps by decreasing the episodes of hospital re-admissions caused by otherwise unreported health care issues that occur after the patient returns home.

Examples of How It Helps

Sometimes the issues a person has after discharging back to home can be very simple. Our staff is happy to help answer any questions a patient might not have thought to ask during the discharge process. Or, after returning home, a patient may realize that they have forgotten an article of clothing or other personal item at the facility. On more than one occasion, by reaching out to patients and family we were able to discover delays in receiving prescriptions or 3rd party home health service. More importantly though, we have had multiple cases where we were able to put patients in contact with additional support services or re-admit them if necessary to prevent health care issues from escalating to the point that the patient required hospitalization.