Speech Therapy

Regaining Strength for an Active Lifestyle

Miller’s physical therapists know just what to do to help patients regain strength following an illness or injury such as stroke, arthritis, fractures or back pain. We lead patients through many techniques in our Medicare-certified rehabilitation centers to help restore as much joint motion and muscular strength as possible. The physical therapists know most patients want to be able to become independent again, so they focus on promoting optimal independent mobility, strength and balance through these efforts:

  • Effective pain management
  • Therapeutic range of motion techniques
  • Education of proper body mechanics
  • Utilizing assistive devices
  • Promoting wound care management

Therapy Regimens Tailored to Each Patient

We have equipped our rehabilitation rooms with a wide variety of therapy devices so that each patient can receive the treatment best suited to his or her recovery. For example, for a lower-impact exercise, a patient might benefit from hydrotherapy, where exercises are done in or with water, such as in a whirlpool tub. In other instances, heat or cold treatments might be administered. Patients might also go through gait training and joint mobilization and strengthening exercises. In cases of stroke or extreme illness or injury, a patient’s regimen might include passive movement and patterning or neurodevelopment training. These exercises prevent stiffness and help restore and re-educate the communications network between the brain and muscles.