Admissions Process

Here to Guide You Through the Process

At Miller’s, we live by five core values: passion, integrity, growth, stewardship and adaptability. Those values come through during the admission process. We understand the emotions you might feel when making decisions about a stay away from home, so we do all we can to ease the process. No matter which Miller’s location is most convenient, you will be treated with kindness and compassion as we guide you through the process.

Admissions Process Can Begin at the Hospital

If a patient is coming to Miller’s from a hospital, a nurse liaison will conduct an initial assessment at the hospital. At this time, the nurse liaison will verify the patient’s current physical status, review the treatment plan and verify coverage and benefits. This will save time on the day the patient comes to Miller’s.

What to Expect on the Day of Admission

Prior to, or on the day of admission, we will meet with the patient and family to review admission paperwork and plan for financial arrangements. Even the plan for potential discharge can begin at the time of admission. At this time, we will also schedule initial meetings with the health care planning team needed for the patient. We believe in teamwork, so it is important that each department comes together to make the best plan for each patient.

On that first day, patients meet key staff members who will be involved in their care. We also help patients get settled into their room and explain what kind of schedule to expect for their meals, activities and rehabilitation.

Our Passport Program Personalizes Your Stay

We have created a unique process called the Passport Program to see each patient through, from the day of admission, through the stay and even upon the return home. We will put together a Passport binder on the day of admission, and it will include information about each area of care the patient requires: nursing, dietary, rehabilitation, social services, medications and so on.

Information is Key, so We Make Sure Ours is Complete

At the time of admission, we will also collect important information about a patient’s living arrangements prior to hospitalization or the Miller’s location. This will help us not only during the patient’s stay but also when we make recommendations for the patient once he or she is back home. This also includes a reconciliation of medications remaining at home with the patient. If the patient’s primary physician was not involved in the admission, we will alert him or her that the patient is in our care, along with an idea of when the patient will be discharged.