Getting You Back Home

Working Toward the Goal of Going Home

Even though patients appreciate the amenities and care at Miller’s, we know they look forward to the day they can return home. So, we do all we can to help make that transition a smooth one. At the time of admission, patients receive a personalized Passport Program binder. This binder contains all the information about the patient’s rehab care. When a patient is discharged from the Rehab Center at Miller’s, the binder is updated with instructions needed back home.

Care Plan Meetings Get Everyone on Board

Patients and their family members, if desired, will take part in care plan meetings so that everyone understands what steps to take upon discharge. As needed, the Miller’s staff will also provide education specific to the patient’s needs.

Topics for such meetings could include:

  • Going over teaching tools, including suggestions for home setting, community resource list, discharging medication list and other education as needed
  • A calendar with appointments that will take place after discharge
  • The Passport binder, which can then be taken to subsequent physician appointments so patient records are complete

Our hope is to give patients and their families the tools they need to help prevent readmission to the hospital or a short-term rehab facility due to a related illness or injury. This could include recommendations for bathroom rails, rearrangement of furniture, the use of an emergency call system, medicine dispensers and other aids pertinent to a patient’s situation.

Outpatient Therapy Might be Part of the Plan

Some patients in select locations continue to see their same therapists during outpatient therapy sessions. If this is recommended, that will be part of the calendar and binder sent home with a patient. Then he or she will be able to continue therapy in the familiar surroundings and therapists they've grown comfortable with during their stay.