FAQs Regarding Dietary, Laundry, Housekeeping and Activities

What is Miller’s Merry Manor premier dining service?

Miller’s premier dining provides sophisticated, healthy, well-balanced menu options in a restaurant–style atmosphere. With open seating and dining times, the experience is sure to please the inner food enthusiast. Overseen by a Registered Dietitian, specialized diets such as low sodium, heart- healthy and carbohydrate controlled to name a few, are available to meet your healthcare needs.

How much clothing should I bring for my loved one?

Since space is limited, it is recommended that a resident have between 3-5 days worth of clothing, depending on their need for daily changing.

Can I bring in my loved one snacks?

Some residents are on diet and or fluid restrictions. Please check with the charge nurse prior to providing any snack to a resident. Snacks must be sealed or individually wrapped to meet Indiana Department of Health Guidelines.

What is the role of the Life Enrichment Department?

The Life Enrichment department will assist all residents in developing physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth. Residents are interviewed to determine their individual interests and needs. Based on these interviews and in agreement with the resident, an activity plan of care is developed. Recreational activities are offered seven days a week. We encourage participation from resident's families with all of our activities. All scheduled activities are located on our activity calendar located on each wing. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in our facility, please contact our Life Enrichment Director.

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