FAQs Regarding Nursing Care

What is the wound care program at Miller’s?

The wound care program is designed to limit the number of in house wounds and treat those wounds that residents have received prior to admission at Miller’s. Some locations have a wound physician that rounds with the nurse and makes recommendations to promote healing.

Does Miller’s provide Hospice Care?

Miller’s, working with Hospice agencies, pledges devotion and compassion to your family member who is in the final stages of their life. We believe that life is a gift to be treasured and nurtured at every stage and it is our goal to make their life the best it can be. Miller’s works to promote a quality of life for our residents and to give gentle assistance to those saying goodbye. Personalized care is of the utmost importance to all residents, and we give it renewed energy as we try to bring dignity to the aged and dying. Not only does your loved one need special attention at this time, but you and the rest of your family do also. This period in all your lives is difficult, and through our services and counseling, we may help you to find ways to cope and begin to heal.

My loved one needs someone to watch them during the day. What is Miller’s Adult Day program?

Miller’s Adult Day Services can provide scheduled activities and exercise that eliminate social isolation and stimulate mental awareness, nutritious meals and snacks, and administration of medications.

How can Miller’s Adult Day and Respite Care Services help me as a caregiver?

Miller’s Adult Day Services and short term respite stays to provide the caregiver benefits that include: a supervised environment that provides peace of mind, allows time to unwind and devote time to their own health, allows for a full-time caregiver to still maintain a full-time job, and allows for better interaction between the caregiver and client. It provides the caregiver a much needed break without feeling guilt.

How much does Adult Day Services cost?

Miller’s Adult Day Services varies according to loved one’s assisted daily living needs. Please consult the business office for prices.

My loved one has Alzheimer ’s disease and may need a specialized unit. Does Miller’s have Alzheimer’s Units?

Yes. To learn more about our Alzheimer's care and those facilities that offer that specialized care, please visit the following: http://www.millersmerrymanor.com/other-services/alzheimers

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