FAQs Regarding the Facility and Admissions

Is there a barber/beauty shop on site?

A beautician is available in the facility on a regular basis. If you desire these services, please contact the Social Service Director or receptionist. If you prefer, you may set a regular appointment or just sign up as needed. Any charges will appear on the monthly statement. Please do not pay the beautician directly.

My loved gets confused at times and may wander out the building. Does Miller’s have secured facilities?

Safety features are in place for the resident’s protection. Please note and follow the instructions posted at doorways to insure the correct operation of the alarms or contact the business office for the security code. Some residents will be assigned wander guards to help protect their safety.

What personal items am I allowed to bring for my loved one from home?

Small appliances such as clocks, radios and televisions are encouraged if they are in good condition and are UL approved. Heating pads, electrical fans, and electric blankets are NOT to be used at any time. At NO time are extension cords allowed. All appliances must be checked by maintenance before placed in a resident's room. Favorite items of furniture and personal possessions are encouraged on a space-permitting basis. The nursing facility shall eliminate fire and smoke hazards and does NOT permit furnishings which contain urethane foams which are not fire retardant. Some upholstered furniture is not appropriate. Surfaces should be non-penetrable and able to wipe off. All personal possessions must be kept in good repair and the resident and family is responsible for the upkeep of all their personal possessions. Please let the charge nurse/social services know when belongings are brought in and taken home so we may keep our inventory records up to date. A favorite quilt, pictures are encouraged for familiarity to the resident.

I want to take my loved one to my house overnight. What is Miller’s policy on LOA leave?

Families are encouraged to take residents on outings or trips. Please discuss any such plans with the nurse in charge. Residents under the Medicaid program have 30 annual overnight therapeutic leave days. Medicare has specific guidelines for reimbursement. If your stay is being reimbursed by Medicare, please inquire about the guidelines for taking this resident out. We also request that an outing does not interfere with the resident's therapy or plan of daily care. Please sign the resident out at the nurse's station and obtain any medication that the resident may require during their time away from the facility. The nurse will give you specific directions for medication dosage as required. Residents need to be signed in at the nurse’s station upon their return. In the case of an overnight stay, please contact the charge nurse for arrangements to be made.

When are office hours at Miller’s?

Regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm. Doors are locked at a set time each evening and unlocked in the morning. If you visit after hours, please ring the doorbell.

Can my loved one use a telephone?

All residents have access to the private use of a telephone for emergency and personal calls. Please notify the business office of the telephone number as we can direct calls. Resident cell phones are permitted.

Can my loved one receive a newspaper?

Newspaper delivery is available to all residents. The papers are delivered directly to the residents room with the subscription being the resident's/family's responsibility. Please inform the business office when starting a new subscription so we can make sure to inform our staff of a new delivery.

When will my loved one’s physician visit?

Unlike in a hospital, doctors are not in the nursing home on a daily basis. State and Federal regulations require your doctor to visit once every thirty days for the first ninety days of a resident's stay. After the first ninety days, they must visit once every sixty days. Please note staff may be in contact with the Physician on an as needed basis.

I understand that Miller’s is 100% employee owned. What does that mean?

Since the early days of the company, the Miller family has recognized the dedication and support the employees have given to get Miller’s to where it is today. Consequently, in 2006, the Board of Directors decided to form an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), allowing employees to become beneficial owners of the business operations of the company. Today, the Miller’s ESOP provides a way to carry on the proud traditions and culture of Miller’s, while allowing an avenue for future growth to benefit the company and its eligible employees. At the present time, Miller’s Health Systems is one of only two 100% employee-owned long term care companies in the United States, and is ranked in the group of largest employee-owned companies in the nation.

I may have to admit my loved on the weekend. What is the admission availability policy at Miller’s?

It is the policy of this facility to admit individuals without regard to race, creed, national origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, or condition of infectious disease, as prescribed by law, provided the facility can meet the needs of the resident. Miller’s will admit on weekends and evenings with the approval of the local Indiana Pre-Screening Admission Agency in addition to meeting other admission requirements (Physician to follow, H&P complete, Chest X-ray current, Physician admitting orders in place, etc).

My loved one will need to go to medical specialists. Does Miller’s provide transportation?

Miller’s provides wheelchair assessable vans for resident transports, if needed.

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