FAQs Regarding Therapy Services

My loved one will need therapy services. What types of therapy does Miller’s offer?

Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy are provided on both an inpatient and outpatient basis at most locations. The therapists and residents work together following a customized therapy plan to enhance recovery. Most locations have private suites for rehabilitation. Therapy is provided at variable times during the day depending on the resident’s performance and preference. Therapy services are available 7 days a week as needed. State of the art equipment may be part of the therapy program that can provide effective solutions for prevalent conditions such as pain, falls, edema, strokes, contractures, dysphasia, post surgical recovery, urinary incontinence, chronic wounds and more.

My loved ones goal is to return home. What are Miller’s return home strategies?

Many people are able to return to their home after benefiting from our short term rehabilitation services. Upon admission, a care plan/Discharge to Home program is established with staff, the resident and their family setting goals for discharge. With an interdisciplinary team approach, each works to help the resident reach their goals. Therapists often visit resident’s homes prior to discharge to offer suggestions for safety and to determine therapy needs prior to returning home. A discharge care plan is also held in which home healthcare, outpatient therapy; meals on wheels, etc. are offered and discussed.

Does Miller’s offer Outpatient therapy services?

Yes. A great benefit of participating in our Outpatient Therapy Program is that you may continue working with the same therapists who assisted you during an inpatient stay. This creates a more comfortable environment for both you and the therapist, eliminating the need to start over with new clinicians, which could extend your valuable recuperation time. The program objective is to promote each patient’s optimum level of functional independence within their home and the community. For each patient to realize their goals, an individualized treatment plan is developed based on a personalized assessment, and the program is implemented by the entire rehabilitation team. Regular reviews of the plan are conducted by the therapy team, and revisions are made in order to assist the patient in reaching maximum functional levels.

Why is Miller’s the #1 Senior Rehab Company in Indiana?

We consider Miller’s to be the #1 Senior Rehab Company in Indiana because we have made short term rehabilitation our focus in our Rehab Centers throughout the company. Our therapists have worked with a variety of orthopedic, cardiovascular, and neurological conditions with many success stories. The therapists and residents work together following a customized therapy plan to enhance recovery. Therapy is provided on an inpatient and outpatient basis depending on the resident’s needs. Our goal remains for all residents to be at their maximum level of independence. Miller’s continues to be a popular choice for many people searching out the best in rehabilitation.

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