While You're Here

Daily Life at Miller’s

Although patients in the Rehab Center at Miller’s might be here for a variety of reasons, most wish  to regain strength after an illness or injury. For that reason, they often go to physical, occupational or speech therapy (link to individual therapy pages) as outlined in their plan of care. These sessions are typically one hour in length, and patients could attend one, two or three sessions per day.

When they aren’t in therapy, patients have a number of options available to them during the day. Our activities director plans outings, crafts, games, speakers, exercise classes and other recreational activities to keep each day interesting. Patients also have televisions in their room, and there are lounge areas available for socializing with other patients or visitors.

Of course, mealtime is another important social opportunity at Miller’s. Patients can choose from specially prepared options for each of the day’s three meals, served restaurant-style in our dining rooms. Learn more about premier dining services.